The app that shows you all waterpoints, to drink everywhere and without any plastic waste !

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Find the closest waterpoints

The app finds and guides you towards the nearest drinking fountain.

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Add a new waterpoint

A waterpoint doesn't seem to appear on FreeTaps ?
You can simply add it !

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Download the app !

It's (ad-)free, open data and developed by the non-profit organisation Eaupen, launched by Gobilab

Discover fountains all accros the world

Thanks to you, the fountains map is continuously updated

Disposable water bottles are amongst the most found trash in the seas and oceans

Bottled water is 400 times more expensive than tapwater

80% of all marine litter comes originally from the shore

In France, more than 150 plastic cups are thrown away every second

Restaurants, cities, companies : join FreeTaps !


Local Communities

You manage drinking fountains and water points in the public area ?

Share with us their coordinates, we'll add them to FreeTaps !


Restaurants & Coffee Shops

You want to help us cut down on waste ? Add yourself as a FreeTaps drinking point !

Have FreeTaps users enter and leave as clients !

Qui sommes-nous ?

FreeTaps is an app by the non-profit organisation Eaupen, it works only by word of mouth ! Speak about it around you, on social networks, and together let's cut down on waste !

The website and the apps FreeTaps have been developped by computer science engineering students at the Graduate School of Engineering ENSEIRB-MATMECA.

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